Welcome to 2018

We hope you are well and rested after the seasonal break and enjoying 2018, the year of the Earth Dog. This particular element represents loyalty, protection, and friendship, so it promises to be an interesting year.

Open house will commence on Tuesday 13, 2018 from 6.30pm – 8.15pm.

Once again we will be celebrating Shambhala day on Sunday afternoon 4 March, 2018. Join us as we come together to express the wealth and richness of our community through socializing and ceremony. Please register if you are coming.

Later in March we will be holding our Level 4 program: Awakened heart for all those that have completed a minimum Level 3 program.

Also we are looking at having a public program called Contentment in Everyday life later in the first half of the year and possibly a Level 1 program, the first sequential Shambhala training weekend. Please let me know if you want more information about these programs or would like to register your interest: [email protected]

We hope to see you at Open House soon..

4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2018

  1. Hi, I would be really interested in both programs contentment in everyday life and the Level 1 program.
    I live in the Blue Miu rains but would like to come to the mediation evenings now and then. Thanks Alison Dawes

    • Hi Alison
      Thanks for your comment. I will put you on the expression of interest list. In the meantime please come to open house in Sydney when you can.
      Kind regards

  2. Hi, even though I live in Brisbane, I would be very keen to travel to do your Level 1 program later this year. Could you please put me on the expression of interest list. Thanks Michelle

    • Hi Michelle
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as i have been away for awhile. Anyway we are having a level 1 in early November, so I will put you on the list for an invitation.

      Kind regartds

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