Sunday Meditation

Everyone (beginner or experienced meditators) are invited to our practice and shared lunch (optional)

We will meditate (including walking meditation) together for an hour, then share a silent morning tea followed by a short audio teaching, followed by sitting. We will finish around 12.45pm.

Those who wish please stay for lunch, finishing up by 1.30pm.

Please bring a small plate of healthy food, to share if you can.

At this time, you may also choose to have a short one to one to ask questions about beginner meditation with one of us who are trained meditation guides.

We understand that people have busy lives so you are welcome to arrive and leave at any time during the day. Some people just come for lunch to enjoy good food and conversation.

A donation of $10 to $20 to cover rent is appreciated.

Please contact Liz via [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Sunday Meditation

  1. Hello. I live in Brisbane & while not new to Tibetan meditation & study I am now interested in Shambala meditation. Not often on Facebook but would like to know of regular events at your centre.

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