The Six Ways of Compassionate Living – Talk 3 Discipline

Link to Talk 3 Patience.

Sydney Shambhala Meditation Group was delighted by a visit from Australia’s one and only Shastri (A title for a Senior Teacher) Loretta Geuenich. She presented Talk 3 of our Six Ways of Compassionate Living (the six paramitas) on 15 May 2016, on the same day that she presented Patience.

The six ways of compassionate living are generosity, discipline, patience, enthusiasm, meditation and prajna or unconditional wisdom.

Traditionally these are called the six paramitas. Each has the ability to take us beyond our fear of letting go. We can go beyond aversion and attachment, beyond being caught up with ourselves and beyond the illusion of seperateness. Ultimately we can learn to become comfortable living with uncertainty.

Link to Talk 3 Patience.

The next talk in the series, Exertion, is on Sunday 24 July 2016 by Margaret Hughes, a senior teacher from the Northern Rivers Shambhala Sangha. We hope to see you there!

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